Use Cases

Tibado digital cash is just a better, more convenient form of cash for many of today’s transactions. Here’s a few examples!
Paying a taxi fare - WhatsApping over a coin as the journey concludes saves time - the customer can do it while the driver is driving. The cabbie still gets all the money, immediately, with no chargebacks and has no issues with giving change or security hassle with carrying physical cash.
Paying our window cleaners!. At the moment, they clean the windows and, if we’re out, leave a note asking us to post them a cheque! WhatsApping them a coin would be so much easier for us both and again, they get all the money, straight away, with no bouncing cheques and no bank charges for cheque collection.
Paying our paper bill. We have papers delivered and the paper shop sends out a paper bill every four weeks. They like to be paid in cash, so we walk around to the shop and pay them. That isn’t always convenient and they get annoyed when we’re late! WhatsApping them a coin would be so much easier!
Giving the kids some spending money - ping them a coin, on whatever social media platform they’ve decided is cool this week . . . it’s so easy!
We could go on but digital cash is just a better choice for lots and lots of transactions!
Now there’s clearly an argument that debit cards and PayPal etc can do many of these transactions and that's right - it’s just that Tibado digital cash is better!
It’s better because it’s free and it retains the speed and finality of physical cash while taking away the security and inconvenience and hygiene issues around handling physical cash. It brings the anonymity of physical cash and takes away the intrusion and risk of littering the internet with your bank details or your PayPal identity.
So Tibado digital cash is cash - it’s just digital! It will be preferred by many consumers and merchants, lots of the time, and will take significant market share from debit cards, physical cash, PayPal etc.
Digital cash is the absent 'mega-player' in spontaneous payments but it’s not going to be absent much longer!


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