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Find answers to questions about TIBADOs technology and how it works.


What is TIBADO?

TIBADO is a digital currency system that emulates digital coins that act much like real cash but comes in the form of a digital file not plastic/paper notes and metal coins.

Who created TIBADO?
How does TIBADO work?
What is a TIBADO license?
Is TIBADO like Bitcoin?
What is the difference between TIBADO and other payment systems?
Who can use TIBADO?
Who controls the TIBADO network?
What is the advantage of using TIBADO?
How do I buy TIBADO coins?
How flexible is TIBADO?
What happens if I lose my TIBADO coins?


Is TIBADO subject to regulation?

TIBADO represents a fiat collateralised national currency and is subject to all the relevant laws that are applicable within each country where it will be used.

Can TIBADO be misused?


How are TIBADO coins issued?

TIBADO coins are manufactured into the economy by an originator (central bank) and then issued to agents who will distribute TIBADO coins to consumers or merchants.

Can TIBADO coins be duplicated?
Can you cash in TIBADO coins?
Is there a maximum amount of TIBADO coins you can send?
Are there any fees involved?

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