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TIBADO are active payments and data security development specialists and our company has designed the micropayments system TIBADO using cryptographic solutions.

With the advantage of having a team of technical specialists who have an experienced portfolio in the payment and data security industry, gives us the leading edge in providing top-class applications when it comes to your information security.

TIBADO has been founded and developed by payment security leaders Dr. David Everett and Tim Jones CBE, who believe with payment systems constantly evolving and adapting, TIBABO has the ability to be at the fore-front for both online and offline payment technologies.

Having both worked and developed payments systems for the likes of Switch, Maestro, Natwest and Mondex, TIBADO has been developed as a patented application with the ability to allow developers to build their own applications around the TIBADO technology.

Meet the team

Dr. David Everett CEO and Founder TIBADO Meet the team image

David is a passionate professional with over 30 years experience as a leading authority in the security of Digital Currencies, Block Chain Technology and Electronic Payment Systems.

Dr. David Everett
CEO & Founder

Tim Jones CBE Co-Inventor TIBADO Meet the team image

With an experienced and successful reputation, Tim has upheld a very extensive career within the UK Finance Industry plus co-inventing Mondex and TIBADO digital cash systems.

Tim Jones CBE

Patsy Everett CRO TIBADO Meet the team image

With a love for PR and publishing, Patsy has over 20 years experience in telling the world the latest updates and news on what is happening with technology through the online newsletter Smart Card News.

Patsy Everett

John Owen TIBADO Meet the team image

John has created a vast array of proof-of-concept software utilising cryptography in the fields of payments and security and manages his technical team with success.

John Owen
Research & Development Lead

Matt Caperon TIBADO Meet the team image

Matt has always had a passion for working with technology and holds a first-class master's degree in Computer Systems Engineering. Specialising in embedded systems design and development.

Matt Caperon
Research & Development

Adam Noyce TIBADO Meet the team image

Adam is a successful web and software developer and with over 10 years experience working in various industry sectors holds a passion for technical and creative design.

Adam Noyce
Research & Development

Lesley Dann TIBADO Meet the team image

Lesley is an administration and PR specialist with over 25 years experience in sales and accounting and is responsible for all our client and company management.

Lesley Dann
PR & Administration

Sol Sait Finance Department Tibado

Sol is a factoring and accounts specialist with a decade of experience and is responsible for managing our company accounts.

Sol Sait

Keith Jackson Consultant Tibado

Keith has spent more than 30 years working with various aspects of security ranging from digital currencies, security software development, encryption systems and anti-virus software.

Keith Jackson

Nikhil Prakash Consultant Tibado

Nikhil has over 20 years experience in security software design, micro-controllers and embedded systems.

Nikhil Prakash

Andrew Malecki Advisor Tibado

Andrew is an experienced business advisor with over thirty years experience within the payments industry, he has previously held senior positions for TSB and APACS (Payments UK).

Andrew Malecki

TIBADO offers much more with the ability to allow complete privacy and handle online micropayments which has the edge of over current payment systems.

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