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TIBADO Coin Security

At the core of TIBADO's security is the Cash Box which is based on an Automatic Finite State Machine (AFSM) that preserves the integrity of the system and prevents double spends.

Tibado AFSM

As easy it is to copy and paste a file, this can additionally apply to an image file so TIBADO stops the duplication issues at the transaction stage as a brand new coin is then created with the original becoming deactivated.

As every TIBADO coin is unique with a serial number which is then added to the central state list will then will be completely removed once the transaction is complete.

With data security being fundamental to any payment system the application of a cryptographic checksum ensures that none of the TIBADO coin attributes can be modified. 

By using a HSM (Hardware Security Module), the security is maintained and the cryptographic keys are protected.

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