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The basic functionality of a TIBADO Coin can be extended to allow the coins value text to be encoded into a coin image.

PUBLIC CLASS COIN is the primary controller for interfacing with a mobile pocket.

public class Coin

Method Summary

The following information gives you a summary of the functionality that all TIBADO coins will offer.

Modifier and Type Method and Description
short getVersion() Returns the Coin's version
short getSecurityDomain() Returns the Coin's security domain
int getSequenceNumberPrefix() Returns the Coin's sequence number prefix
Long getSequenceNumber() Returns the Coin's sequence number
int getCurrencyCode() Returns the Coin's currency Code
int getValue() Returns the Coin's value
String getTimeStamp() Returns the date and time that the Coin was generated and signed with two MAC's
String getMacA() Returns the Coin's first MAC signature
String getMacB() Returns the Coin's second MAC signature
String getSerialNumber() Returns the Coin's serial number
String getCoinDataBase64() Returns the Coin's Base64 value text
byte[] getCoinData() Returns the Coin image in binary
CoinFile getCoinFile() Returns the Coin image file handle

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