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HTTP Walkthrough Guide Using REST

The HTTP walkthrough will show you how to use the developers API toolchain REST to complete some TIBADO operations.

What you need

A REST client that typically runs as an add-on or plugin for your web browser.

Listed below are examples of REST clients.

Postman REST (Chrome)

Advanced REST (Chrome)

RESTClient (FireFox)

REST Easy (FireFox)

In this walkthrough project we will be using Postman REST for Chrome.

Getting started

Initially you won’t have any coins, but it is possible to have a zero value coin.

A zero value coin has all the attributes of a TIBADO coin set to zero apart from the currency code.

For the walkthrough here is a copy of a zero value coin that you can use:


Firstly we are going to attempt to split a zero value coin using Postman REST.

Open up Postman and check that the Content-Type is set to application/json.

We can then compose the Body as follows.

      "amount": 3

In this screenshot we are going to try to subtract 3 cents from our zero value coin.

As expected the response is 400 Bad Request.

cash mdl

Once you have obtained a none zero TIBADO coin you can then utilize the Merge Coin end point.

cash mdl

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