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TIBADO Digital Coin and Atttributes

TIBADO emulates digital coins in the form of a digital image format file and can be easily communicated through various digital communication channels.

TIBADO's technology can enable a non-exclusive license which will allow the licensee to implement and create their own brand around a coin for their own exclusive product or digital currency system.


The TIBADO coin is identifiable with a distinctive 2D barcode and contains the security attributes when completing a coin purchase or transaction.

TIBADO's barcode design is not used like traditional barcode technologies and the design has been implemeted within the image and application structure itself, so a coin is worthless without a barcode value.

The client application runs its own routines to separate the coin template from the embedded barcode.



Name Description Byte Length
Version Version of coin 2
Security Domain Security domain indicates which key set is used to generate the two CMACS 2
Sequence Number Prefix Sequence number prefix 4
Sequence Number Sequence number is a unique identifier for the coin much like bank notes 8
Currency Code Currency code is a 4 byte Integer which represents a currency 4
Value Value of coin in its smallest denomination 4
Time Stamp Time stamp indicates the time which the coin was created
- First four bytes is an Integer representing the number of seconds past the year 2000
- Second four bytes indicate the milliseconds
CMAC A CMAC A is a Cipher-based Message Authentication which protects the coins attributes from being modified 16
CMAC B CMAC B is the second CMAC which also protects the coins attributes from being modified 16


Info Block MAC A MAC B
Serial Number Value Block
Version Security Domain Sequence Number Prefix Sequence Number Currency Code Value Time Stamp
2 bytes 2 bytes 4 bytes 8 bytes 4 bytes 4 bytes 8 bytes 16 bytes 16 bytes



tibado client reference

TIBADO coins can just as easily be encoded as text using the base64 encoding scheme which as a text form can be communicated accross multiple channels that do not support images like SMS.

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